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  • Lightning-fast with 100% SSD storage
  • Spin up your VPS in 50s
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Full root access
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High Performance Cloud VPS, no compromises

From personal projects to complex apps, scale with confidence and predictable SSD VPS pricing.

Package CPU Ram Disk Price
Package nameV1 Server CPU1 Core Ram1 GB Disk20 GB Price$ 12.95 monthly Order Now
Package nameCloud Server 1 CPU1 Core RAM1 GB Disk20 GB Price$ 11.13 monthly Order Now
Package nameV2 Server CPU1 Core RAM2 GB Disk50 GB Price$ 15.95 monthly Order Now
Package nameCloud Server 2 CPU1 Core RAM2 GB Disk50 GB Price$ 15.94 monthly Order Now
Package nameV3 Server CPU2 Core RAM2 GB Disk80 GB Price$ 24.95 monthly Order Now
Package nameCloud Server 3 CPU2 Core RAM2 GB Disk80 GB Price$ 22.78 monthly Order Now
Package nameV4 Server CPU2 Core RAM4 GB Disk100 GB Price$ 39.33 monthly Order Now
Package nameCloud Server 4 CPU2 Core RAM4 GB Disk100 GB Price$ 45.57 monthly Order Now
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Do I need a VPS?

A virtual private server is an affordable solution if your needs outgrow those of a typical shared web hosting plan. If your website or application requires scalable hosting with complete control, optimal performance and enhanced security features; then our SSD VPS is perfect for you.

We provide complete freedom and control over your virtual server; right down to the fine details. Install what you want, exactly how and when you want to. Guaranteed, scalable resources ensure your server can handle increases in demand to your websites and applications.

Build & Deploy Your Cloud VPS

cPanel License Pricing Plans

Grow your online business with the industry leading control panel of choice.

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Migrate Your Customers

Use the Transfer Tool to migrate existing cPanel accounts from remote servers with ease.


Paint it your way - match your branding and deliver the power of cPanel to your customers.

Server Monitoring

Understand everything that is happening within your server and forestall potential issues.

cPanel Accounts

Create cPanel user accounts and packages with different pricing tiers to scale your business.

License Type Account Limit Price
Solo Cloud 1 $ 15.00
Admin Cloud 5 $ 27.00
Pro Cloud 30 $ 39.00

Plesk Obsidian Pricing Plans

Innovative control panel for WebOps and Web Hosting professionals.

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Central Control Panel

Build, update and maintain multiple sites from a single control panel interface.

Robust Security

Broad security built into the core, enhanced through class-leading security partner extensions.

100+ Extensions

100+ extensions including Git, NodeJS, NGINX, LetsEncrypt, ImmunifyAV & more.

WordPress Toolkit

The toolkit for WordPress features cloning and staging, built-in security and backups.

License Type Domains Limit Price
Web Admin 10 $ 13.50
Web Pro 30 $ 20.50
Web Host Unlimited $ 35.50

Includes everything you need to get online

Extensive features included as standard with our hosting plans.

Host Multiple Websites

All the power and performance you need to host multiple websites under one server environment, with no bandwidth caps.

Full root access

With our unmanaged virtual private servers you get full root access to your VPS server.

eCommerce Hosting

Ideal for eCommerce. Build a secure and scalable solution for Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, OpenCart & more.


Advanced anti-DDoS protection for all Virtual Server Hosting. Your servers are protected in real time without any increase in latency.

Unlimited bandwidth

Genuine unlimited bandwidth. Each hypervisor is connected at 20 Gbps and each switch has redundant 100 Gbps uplinks.

Demanding Applications

Ideal for resource-heavy websites and applications, business apps, web apps, CRM, social and community websites.

Rock-solid, cPanel web hosting for your website...

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our packages.

A Virtual Private Server ("VPS") is traditionally created using virtualisation technology to divide a larger server into smaller virtual servers, each privately isolated from the other virtual servers on the host. Because virtual servers share the same underlying hardware, the costs to the consumer are cheaper than it would be to rent a physical ("Dedicated") server alone.

We take a slightly different approach; operating our enterprise cloud platform, based in London UK and Johannesburg South Africa. Rather than dividing multiple physical servers, our VPS solutions utilise large cloud clustering, featuring the same super-fast and reliable architecture as our Web hosting services. Our fast NVMe storage platform, load distribution, enterprise firewall and DDoS protection.

Generally speaking, a VPS is ideal for when you want to be able to manage your web space’s resources without sharing them with other users.

We offer you a choice between Webmin, Plesk or cPanel control panels, however you don’t have to use these if you would prefer to use your own solution.

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